Saturday, January 2, 2016

iphone Siri - Unknown facts about siri

Siri is the one of virtual guy introduced by apple for iphones and ipad. (those who don't know about Siri -> click here to read about siri in wiki ). There are some mind blowing answers by siri that many of apple user's don't know. here those are

Ask siri what is zero divided by zero (try many times) :

Previously it was giving result like 0/0= indeterminate. But from ios8 onward she became genius.  Here she begins with real life example 

iphone siri facts

On of the cool thing is "Siri remembers relationship" 

If you’re tired of dictating a contact’s full name every time you want to message or call them, Siri can remember who they are by relationships. Under Settings>General Settings>Siri, make sure you’re own contact information is entered. Then, activate Siri and say the name you’d like to connect a relationship to. For example “Dipika  is my wife”, or “David is my boss”. Siri will ask you if you want the relationship saved – select yes. In the future, you can ask Siri to contact your wife, mother, friend or boss without using their name.

How to change Siri's voice from female to male ? 

Follow bellow steps for (iOS7)

  1. Open Settings, and tap General.
  2. Next, Tap on the Siri pane, then on Voice Gender.
  3. To make Siri sound like a woman, select the Female option, or the Maleoption to make Siri sound a bit more masculine.
Follow bellow steps for (iOS7)
  1. Open Settings, and tap General.
  2. Next, Tap on the Siri pane, then on Language.
  3. To make Siri sound like a female, tap “English (United States),” or to make Siri’s sound like a male, tap “English (United Kingdom)

Ask Siri to "sing a song" for you 

She will behave like real girl (if male voice than boy ! ) . You have to ask 8-10 times to make her sing. She keeps on saying like " I am not good singer" , "I can't sing " , "you wan't like it ... 

Siri is apple fan. For any question where apple is live , she likes apple only Ask like 
  • android or ios 
  • which laptop do you like
  • which is the best watch  etc
Now try these questions and see what happens : 
  • Find Airplane above you
  • make me a pizza
  • what came first chicken or egg
  • How you looks
  • where is my book , pen or keys ...

(source from quora  and wiki   )