Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Net Neutrality - Save The Internet - In simple words

Now a days lots of articles and videos on net neutrality (or save the internet) are going on on social media. Lot of people asking me what is that ??  give me answer in simple non technical words.
And here it is :

Internet Provider Companies (IPC - like Airtel ,vodaphone ..) are comming with some wired Internet plan. Like this :

99 rs to activate internet (only some websites will be free to access )
+ 30 rs for whatsapp
+ 30 rs for fb
+60 rs for youtube

100 rs to boost your internet !!
(figures are imaginary)

So every body on social media are opposing this thing with the slogen "Save the Internet" . 
Net neutrality means "Every thing on the net should be similar , there should not be any extra charges or say if you have internet access than you can browse whatever you want ".

So to oppose that (or say support net neutrality ) you have to mail a TRAI (one organization which is taking public view on Net neutrality ) . By this origional website you can easily do that : http://www.savetheinternet.in/

Please support net neutrality and mail to TRAI. Let us Save The Internet !!

watch this video if still you didn't get properly :